Leaders of innovation eXPLORED the future of the Pacific Northwest in:

  • Higher Education
  • Manufacturing Renaissance
  • Women in Innovation
  • Digital Economy

Impact through Collaboration

The conference was designed for maximum interaction and collaboration. Catalyzing thought leaders ignited active debate and discussion about the circumstances and the elements for transformational innovation. Every audience member was participating in the "converge zone" of conversation on innovation. A new kind of public-private leadership was cultivated that is deeply engaged, extremely well networked and confident to act effectively across the Pacific Northwest region. Participants established valuable relationships while they were engaged in designing realistic strategies and solutions in a fast-paced, content-packed, insight-infused and interactive environment.

Converge partners:

alaska Airlines, Washington Business alliance, PNWER, women in innovation, Cisco systems, Center of accelerating innovation and Jim Kastama & Associates made this event possible.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and partners.